Practical Nursing

An occupational health nurse is a nursing professional that focuses on workplace safety. While many would like to think that only certain workplaces are hazardous, this simply isn’t true. Every workplace has its own hazards, regardless of the occupations associated with them. For instance, factory workers are at risk of being injured by machinery and chemicals. Although you may not think it, even office workers are at risk of developing health problems, which can include […]


When you are young it’s easy to ignore the future. When I was 16 years old (in 1981) I remember calculating what year it would be when I turned 30. It seemed like that date was so far in the future that I would never need to worry about it. Everything would work itself out by then. Guess what? It doesn’t happen that way. Unless you plan and keep your plan up to date throughout […]


Obtaining a degree online has become the normal standard in our society. Today thousands of degrees are obtained online each year, with more added as each year goes by. That being said, a law degree is not usually among them. Law studies that are completed online have significantly lower rates of passing the bar exam than traditional law schools. Typically students studying the law are required to prepare presentations for their class, with professors asking […]


An Economist is an individual who specializes in economics. Economics is a social science, which focuses on analyzing commercial activities of our society. An Economist will analyze trends and in some cases help those who create policy and regulations to make informed decisions. An economist will use special software to analyze data, perform research studies, collect and analyze both historic and current data as well as work with other statisticians. Economists are used in a […]

While having a degree is nice, it is not always an option. There are many successful individuals who have never set foot in a college. College is expensive and those who attend a 4 year college will most often find themselves under a mountain of debt when they graduate. Fortunately there many career paths available that will enable an individual to make a very good living while not requiring four years of your life to […]


This post was contributed by You can use their career and school finder tools to learn more about exciting up and coming careers. Technology incubators have become more and more popular in the past decade, and is set to keep growing throughout the next decade. Business incubators are companies that help businesses and potential business get started and keep going. Technology incubators are business incubators who only deal with startups that are technology related. […]


Integrating technology into a classroom isn’t a simple process. It’s even more complicated when you’re talking about high school students compared to post-secondary students. Post-secondary students are responsible for their own interaction with technology, if an engineering student doesn’t want to bring a laptop to class, that’s his/her prerogative. On the other hand, in a high school setting, teachers are shaping the way students interact with technology. In K-12 education, integrating technology into the classroom […]

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